Maximize Your
Clients’ Wealth

Our new WEALTH Maximizer gives you a powerful tool to help your clients optimize their retirement and tax strategy, while offering them expert guidance.  As a financial or accounting professional, your goal is to service clients, add value, and reap the rewards of additive business for your practice.

WealthPRIME™ has created the WEALTH Maximizer to offer your clients a high-level view of what their retirement future can look like.

This report also briefly touches on the topic of a new 199A tax incentive that’s offered to qualifying income ranges. Often high-net-worth business owners “phase out” of various tax incentives due to higher income, but sophisticated retirement strategies offered by WealthPRIME can help. The WEALTH Maximizer offers an income review along with how retirement contributions can help lower AGI.

In less than 30 seconds, you can give your clients a tangible, bird’s eye view of what their retirement accumulation can look like.

Based on the age of your client and which retirement plan(s) they choose to sponsor, you’re able to see the amount of contributions they’re able to make towards their retirement plan annually.

Based on their level of annual contributions and an estimated 5% return, you can see their projected account balance five, 10, and 15 years into the future.

You can show your clients the number of years it will take them to reach $1million in retirement assets.