3 Strategies that Maximize Wealth

Trinity is the gateway for tax mitigation through retirement planning, alternative investing, and leveraged life insurance.

Trinity by wealthprime®

More opportunity for private investors.

Trinity helps bridge the gap between where investors are today and their financial goals. Trinity’s cornerstone is alternative investments that shield assets from market volatility, offer greater returns on investment, and significantly reduce your tax liability. Start assembling the building blocks that shape your financial future.

Retirement contributions drive lower taxes

Retirement plans are smart investments. Many business owners qualify for upgrades that can yield annual tax savings of $100,000 or more.

Insurance within your retirement plan to maximize distributions

Diversify outside the stock market

Use leverage to maximize wealth

Advanced strategies are a game changer. Financing life insurance premiums can grow a much larger policy in a shorter period of time, create tax-free income, and transfer wealth tax free.

Build your wealth plan.

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Two models to fit your business goals

for Financial Advisors, CPAs & Tax professionals


Solve your lead generation problems once and for all. Start using a proven and scalable tool that doesn’t monopolize your time and drain money needlessly from your sales and marketing budget.

for Institutional Partners

Private Labeling

RetireWell™ is a powerful sales solution that can enable your sales teams to close more retirement plan sales. Custom features are available for your specific firm needs.

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WealthPRIME’s team of experts can help with:

Explore new sources of wealth through alternative investments.

WealthPRIME® instantly illustrates and compares advanced tax-mitigation and wealth-building strategies.

Explore our digital wealth-building solutions


Convert more high-net-worth clients with cash balance plans that help business owners save over $100,000 per year in taxes.


Purchase tax-deductible life insurance to earn tax-free distributions at retirement.


Access alternative investments that generate maximum tax-savings and optimize wealth creation.