Grow Your Retirement AUM in Less Time at a Fraction of the Cost

If you’re tired of using outdated and ineffective tactics to bring the right high-net-worth retirement plan clients into your business, you’re in the right place. Cold calls and cold emails rarely deliver the results you want, plus they’re time intensive and unrewarding.

It’s time to solve your lead generation problems once and for all, and start using a proven and scalable tool that doesn’t monopolize your time and drain money needlessly from your marketing/sales budget. It’s time for WealthPRIME.

3 Steps to Increased AUM While Making You the Hero for Your Clients

Discover your clients’ goals and desired outcomes

Before you’re able to effectively qualify a client, you first need to ask the right questions. Do they want tax relief, to contribute more towards their retirement than 401(k) limits, retire in the next five years, accumulate wealth, or serve valued partners and employees? Once you understand this, you’ll be able to construct a retirement plan design that can help them reach their goals. With the emergence of the cash balance plan, often not well understood, there’s an opportunity for you to educate investors, business owners, and plan sponsors on how these plans, in combination with other retirement savings vehicles, can solve their financial problems.

Determine your clients’ demographics and financial profile

WealthPRIME allows you to ask clarifying questions so the calculator can deliver a complimentary WEALTH REPORT that’s customized to their unique scenario and demographic profile. The report estimates the amount of annual taxes they can save, what retirement assets can be achieved over the course of 5, 10, and 15 years, and more.

Deliver a roadmap to their financial dreams

In less than 60 seconds, you can give your clients a tangible and accurate wealth-building roadmap. The WealthPRIME software is powered and backed by a proprietary, smart calculator that blends three elements into one powerful financial planning solution: tax mitigation, wealth enablement and retirement planning.

How WealthPRIME is Different

Decodes the New Tax Law by State

WealthPRIME® simplifies complex tax and pension codes by state, and formulates backend models that can be applied to your client’s distinct situation.

Allows for Customization

WealthPRIME® includes specific demographic and financial information beyond age and salary, giving clients a way to see an outcome that is completely unique to them.

Forecasts Accumulated Assets

Show your clients a tangible and real projection of both tax savings and wealth creation, up to 5, 10, and 15 years down the line. And your clients will know exactly what their estimated time to a million dollars in accumulated assets will be. (ETM™)


Your client’s wealth-building roadmap is packaged into a beautifully designed, informative, and easy-to-understand WEALTH REPORT.

You’ll Want Your Name on this WEALTH REPORT

How would it feel to offer business owners and entrepreneurs an advanced and highly customized financial solution on a scale only once offered through one-on-one consulting?

Brand yourself by adding your name and logo to this report and help your clients build the future and life they truly desire.

Features to Help Your Practice Thrive

Multiple-Report Access

Depending on your membership level, you may run an unlimited number of WEALTH REPORTS as your prospecting and business development needs require.


Customize the WEALTH REPORT with your contact information and logo and differentiate yourself from the competition.

Expanded Calculator

Add additional questions to the calculator software to deliver a deeply customized, financial roadmap for your clients.


The standard WEALTH REPORT is two pages. Get access to a comprehensive, 8-page document that can act as your retirement plan sales proposal.

Prospecting Library

Access a full suite of prospecting and sales tools to grow your retirement practice with scripts, sales letters, videos, and more.

Historical View Access

See a snapshot of your report usage to track activity, assess demand, and follow up with prospects and clients.

Email Campaigns

Have the WEALTH REPORT sent directly to your clients and prospects by simply entering their name and email address. The software will handle the rest.

Sales Training

Learn from cash balance and retirement plan experts through exclusive training webinars and in-person events.

Plan Design Desk (coming soon)

Retirement plan design can be complex and requires trained practitioners to develop plans that suit varying client needs. Access a members-only call desk to support your plan design related questions.

WealthPRIME is just what I’ve been looking for. As an advisor, it’s time-consuming to issue proposals and keep track of leads in an easy way. This dashboard shows my commission and revenue opportunities at a glance, manages my book of leads, and tally’s my lead conversions. I no longer need to wait to receive illustrations from recordkeepers. If I’m jumping on a flight or running short on time, this system can even send out proposals to my clients on my behalf and copies me! This is the way of the future for managing your book of business and growing AUM. I didn’t think it was possible, but WealthPRIME makes me look even better to my clients and prospects.
Stephen H. Grochol
Advisor, SGC Financial & Insurance Services

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