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Build wealth and redesign your reality.

Use the tax code to your advantage. WealthPRIME helps you reduce taxes through smart retirement planning, alternative investing, and leveraged life insurance.


More opportunity for private investors.

Trinity helps bridge the gap between you are today and your financial goals. Investors are seeking other sources of wealth to shield assets from market volatility, receive greater returns on investment, and reduce your tax liability. Trinity assembles the financial building blocks of your wealth plan and sends you a custom report, instantly.

Retirement contributions drive lower taxes

Retirement plans are smart investments. Many business owners qualify for upgrades that can yield annual tax savings of $100,000 or more through what’s called a cash balance plan.

Investors can earn 90% to 500% dollar-for-dollar tax deductions

Traditional investments have limitations. Diversify your portfolio, amplify your assets, and reduce taxes through oil and gas drilling and conservation easements.

Use leverage to maximize wealth

Life insurance can be a game changer for your asset protection and growth. Financing life insurance premiums provides a much larger policy in a shorter period of time, creates tax-free income, and transfers your wealth tax free.

Build your wealth plan.

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Build wealth and redesign your reality.