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Are you interested in funding a Leveraged Life Insurance Policy, and want to know what’s next? The estimated time to fund a new Leveraged Life Insurance Policy is 1 to 2 months.

Path to Leveraged Life Insurance

Step 1

Schedule a consultation

Schedule a consultation with one of our WealthPRIME Insurance Advisors.

Step 2

Customized illustration

Your WealthPRIME Advisor will create a customized life insurance illustration with your desired income and policy amount at retirement.

Step 3

Complete applications

Your WealthPRIME Advisor will help complete the necessary applications for each of the Life Insurance carriers.

Step 4

Medical work

The Life Insurance carrier will send a nursing professional or direct you to a medical lab for a blood test and an EKG.

Step 5


Your WealthPRIME Advisor will negotiate the loan deal with a lending bank Loan Officer.

Step 6

Loan package approval

A loan package will be sent to your WealthPRIME Advisor for approval.

Step 7

Information sent to bank

Your WealthPRIME Advisor will send the final life insurance illustration to the lending bank to be drafted in their loan document template.

Step 8

Review and sign

You will be asked to review and sign the final loan documents.

Step 9

Instructions for funding

You will be provided with instructions from WealthPRIME on how to fund your new Leveraged Life Insurance policy.

Step 10

Final policy agreement

Your WealthPRIME Advisor will provide the final policy agreement for delivery signatures.

The underwriting process is determined case by case, and approval depends on labs, medical ratings, and/or applications with insurance carriers. The lending bank and insurance carriers will vary.

f you have questions at any time, a WealthPRIME advisor can help you to craft the perfect policy.

Build it today with WealthPRIME Insurance Strategies.