Sell More than Just Traditional Life Insurance with WealthPRIME DoublePLAY

Show your clients how investing in life insurance inside a retirement plan can pay out a $2 million, tax-free, lump-sum, death benefit.* WealthPRIME DoublePLAY has cracked the code and simplified the complex process of funding life insurance with tax-deferred dollars for your clients.

Deliver A Wealth-Building Strategy in 3 Steps

Help your clients leave a legacy and get more income at retirement.

Identify Client Needs

Before you’re able to effectively qualify a client, you need to ask the right questions. Do they want to leave their family a lasting legacy of financial security? Are they worried about disability benefits? Do they want to maximize their income at retirement? Do they want tax-free death benefits or wealth preservation? Life insurance coupled with the tax saving benefits of a cash balance plan, gives your clients access to a powerful wealth-building solution not many know about.  

Create A Financial Profile

WealthPRIME DoublePLAY includes a simple and intuitive interface that requires only a few key pieces of information such as client net worth, income, age, and desired annual contributions.  Based on your client’s profile and demographics, the report shows their estimated annual distributions at retirement, tax-free, lump sum death benefit*, Estimated Time to a Million™ (ETM), accrued assets over the course of 5, 10, and 15 years, and more.

Email the Solution to Lasting Wealth

In less than 60 seconds, WealthPRIME DoublePLAY gives your clients a financial roadmap to success. Demonstrate how they can:

  • Receive incremental increases in their retirement income of 20-40% or more.
  • Use tax deferred money to fund their policy and how to transfer the policy out of the retirement plan in the most tax efficient manner. 
  • Build wealth faster than ever by eliminating taxes now and at retirement.

You’ll create better results for your clients while building your commissions by “unlocking” these hard-to-reach assets that currently total over $20 trillion dollars. 

Benefits of Investing in Life Insurance Inside a Retirement Plan

Larger tax-free distributions at retirement.

Tax-deductible contributions.

Life insurance acts as a hedge against market volatility.

Dividends are paid from the insurance company.

Pre-tax dollars are used to pay annual insurance premiums.

Families may receive a tax-free, lump-sum death benefit.*

Access to cash reserves in down market years prevent withdrawing from non-cash assets.

Larger retirement income (20-40% more).

Faster and more efficient wealth accumulation.

How WealthPRIME DoublePLAY is Different

Presents Complex Retirement Plan Designs Within Minutes, Not Weeks

WealthPRIME DoublePLAY brings the insurance industry into the digital age with revolutionary software and technology that streamlines the retirement plan sales process.

Allows for Customization

WealthPRIME DoublePLAY includes specific demographic and financial information beyond age and salary, giving clients a way to see an outcome using life insurance inside a retirement plan that is completely unique to them.

Forecasts Accumulated Assets and Showcases Tax Deductions

Show your clients a tangible and real projection of both tax savings and wealth creation, along with what their Estimated Time to a Million™ dollars in accumulated assets will be.

Eliminates Confusion

When selling complex products like life insurance in retirement plans, you want to avoid confusing clients. WealthPRIME DoublePLAY offers an easy-to-digest report with clear benefits and comparisons along the way.

Real Retirement Outcomes with No Hard Selling

Personalize this report with your contact details and immediately create a distinct advantage over other life agents in your market. Plus, build a new revenue stream with higher commissions!  

Features to Help You Sell More Life Insurance

Custom Insurance Agent Dashboard

Your dashboard is a central hub that houses all of your client data and shows your number of retirement plans, total plan assets, and report listing at a glance.

Unlimited Access

Inside your portal, you may run an unlimited number of insurance reports.

Prospecting Library

Access a full suite of prospecting and sales tools to grow your retirement practice with scripts, sales letters, videos, and more.

Email Campaigns

Want to email your reports? WealthPRIME DoublePLAY contains a feature that allows you to send the report directly to your clients and prospects by simply entering their name and email address. The software will handle the rest.

Sales Training

Learn from cash balance and retirement plan experts through exclusive training webinars and in-person events.

Call Center Support

If you ever have technical questions, get stuck on a feature, or even want help positioning a retirement solution, our call center is staffed with experts to help.

WealthPRIME is just what I’ve been looking for. As an advisor, it’s time-consuming to issue proposals and keep track of leads in an easy way. This dashboard shows my commission and revenue opportunities at a glance, manages my book of leads, and tally’s my lead conversions. I no longer need to wait to receive illustrations from recordkeepers. If I’m jumping on a flight or running short on time, this system can even send out proposals to my clients on my behalf and copies me! This is the way of the future for managing your book of business and growing AUM. I didn’t think it was possible, but WealthPRIME makes me look even better to my clients and prospects.
Stephen H. Grochol
Advisor, SGC Financial & Insurance Services

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