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With WealthPRIME DoublePLAY, you can offer your clients traditional life insurance and provide a combined retirement solution that pays out up to a $2 million, tax-free, lump-sum, death benefit.

WealthPRIME DoublePLAY is a software that simplifies the complex process of offering your clients life insurance inside their retirement plan. Plus, you’ll immediately create a distinct advantage over other life agents in your market.

In less than 60 seconds, you can give your clients a tangible and accurate wealth-building roadmap using life insurance as the cornerstone.

WealthPRIME DoublePLAY powers industry-leading technology that demonstrates the financial gain of fusing life insurance with retirement planning and generates a personalized financial profile based on your client’s income, health profile, and various other factors.

Investing in life insurance inside of a retirement plan is an underutilized wealth-building strategy that can help your clients save tens of thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket expense each year. WealthPRIME has simplified the complex process and distilled the strategy down to two steps.

  1. Use retirement plan contributions to pay annual premiums.
  2. Buy out the policy in 4 to 10 years.

WealthPRIME DoublePLAY generates a professional report customized for each client’s unique scenario and displays maximum distribution amounts at retirement, estimated retirement savings after 5, 10, and 15 years, and shows how life insurance can be held inside a 401(k) plan, 401(k) with profit sharing plan, and cash balance plan.

Help clients make well-informed financial decisions on your recommendation.

WealthPRIME DoublePLAY outlines the many benefits of investing in life insurance inside retirement plans, including the ability for your clients to pay insurance premiums with pre-tax dollars and use those contributions as a tax write off, receive a disability benefit, and much more.

How WealthPRIME DoublePLAY is Different from Anything on the Market Today

Presents Complex Retirement Plan Designs Within Minutes, Not Weeks

WealthPRIME DoublePLAY brings the insurance industry into the digital age with revolutionary software and technology that streamlines the retirement plan sales process.

Allows for Customization

WealthPRIME DoublePLAY includes specific demographic and financial information beyond age and salary, giving clients a way to see an outcome using life insurance inside a retirement plan that is completely unique to them.

Forecasts Accumulated Assets and Showcases Tax Deductions

Show your clients a tangible and real projection of both tax savings and wealth creation, along with their Estimated Time to a Million™ dollars in accumulated assets.

Eliminates Confusion

When selling complex products like life insurance in retirement plans, you want to avoid confusing clients. WealthPRIME DoublePLAY offers an easy-to-digest report with clear benefits and comparisons along the way.

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Benefits Based on Your Business Model / Entity Type

In every scenario, WealthPRIME™ saves your clients a minimum of $25,000 in annual taxes.*

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