The WealthPRIME™ Philosophy is a simple one.

If you can mitigate your tax burden, your financial security and future will be boundless. The key is understanding how taxes and retirement planning converge to create the wealth you desire.
Our unique solution blends alternative asset classes, innovative savings options, and tax mitigation strategies to protect your income and grow your wealth tax-free within the plan.

The Cornerstone of this Framework is the WealthPRIME™ Calculator.

WealthPRIME™ is an industry-first, smart calculator that uses the complex tax laws coupled with sophisticated retirement plan vehicles to generate a personalized financial profile based on your income and various other factors.

WealthPRIME™ shows you instantly how to “hack” down your taxes by at least $25,000 and use those tax savings to grow your wealth over time.

Our highly innovative two-part process includes both tax mitigation and wealth creation.
The result? A highly customized financial solution that allows you to reduce taxes, contribute more money to your retirement future, and build wealth.

Dan Harding, Founder WealthPRIME™ (formerly TaxHACKer) 

About the founder

Dan Harding has supplied wealth management services for high-net-worth individuals and firms for the past decade. His areas of expertise include sophisticated financial planning, tax services, and retirement planning.

With the language of mathematics and economics being Dan’s fluency, he’s always had a fascination with cracking codes. Dan consistently challenges himself to not only think outside of the box, but to eliminate the box completely.

He realized that a gap existed between a consumer’s understanding of the new administration’s tax laws, and how to apply those laws to modern-day tax savings. Using his tenacity for seeing things differently and a desire to offer an opportunity to long-suffering taxpayers, Dan single-handedly conceptualized, designed, and coded the WealthPRIME™ (formerly TaxHACKer) calculator to help close this gap.

Seen as his most prized brainchild, WealthPRIME™ offers highly customized financial solutions on a scale only once offered through one-on-one consulting. Dan also acts as the CEO of Retirement Administration, Inc. (RAI). RAI is a third party administration (TPA) firm that helps closely held, profitable companies significantly reduce income taxation with customized retirement plan designs. RAI uses aggressive plan design strategies—unlike your average 401(k) plan—and includes advanced alternative investment opportunities that can exponentially increase account values, and provide maximum tax deductions. RAI and WealthPRIME™ are affiliated companies.