Sell more retirement plans in less time with WealthPRIME RetireWELL Solutions

Imagine what an increased client conversion rate of as little as 10% could do to your bottom line. And what if you could remove the complication from lead generation and easily turn prospects into happy retirement plan clients?

RetireWELL is a software that solves the retirement industry’s challenge with quality lead generation and new asset acquisition. You now have a tool to help you gain leads and grow revenue in an efficient and scalable way.

In less than 60 seconds, you can give your clients a tangible and accurate wealth-building roadmap.

RetireWELL powers industry-leading technology that demonstrates the financial gain of layering certain retirement plan vehicles and generates a personalized financial profile based on your client’s income and various other factors.

With the emergence of the cash balance plan, often not well understood, there’s an opportunity to educate investors, business owners, and plan sponsors on how these plans – in combination with other retirement savings vehicles – can allow for significantly higher retirement plan contributions and tax savings.

RetireWELL generates an illustration customized for each client’s unique scenario and estimates contribution amounts relative to employees, and shows accumulated retirement balances over the course of 5, 10, and 15 years relative to employees.

Help clients make well-informed financial decisions. 

Give your clients a pros and cons comparison of a SEP IRA, 401(k) with Profit sharing plan, and cash balance plan. Each scenario shows contribution and pie chart breakdowns based on employee demographics that paints a clear story.

How RetireWELL by WealthPRIME is Different

Presents Complex Retirement Plan Designs Within Minutes, Not Weeks

RetireWELL brings the financial services industry into the digital age with revolutionary software and technology that streamlines the retirement plan sales process.

Allows for Customization

RetireWELL includes specific demographic and financial information beyond age and salary, giving clients a way to see an outcome that is completely unique to them.

Forecasts Accumulated Assets and Tax Deductions

Show your clients a tangible and real projection of both tax savings and wealth creation, along with what their Estimated Time to a Million™ dollars in accumulated assets will be.

Reduces Cumbersome Selling

When selling complex products like retirement and cash balance plans, you want to avoid confusing clients. RetireWELL offers easy-to-understand sales tools along with video explanations for clients along the way.

Choose Your Business Model

Financial Advisors

Solve your lead generation problems once and for all. Start using a proven and scalable tool that doesn’t monopolize your time and drain money needlessly from your sales and marketing budget.

CPAs and Tax Professionals

SEP IRAs aren’t the only solution for your clients. Offer sophisticated retirement options and gain additional billing hours outside the traditional tax season while increasing your value to the client relationship.

Institutional Partners and Private Labeling

RetireWELL is a powerful sales solution that can enable your sales teams to close more retirement plan sales. If your firm or institution is interested in private labeling this software, please request a discovery call.

Benefits Based on Your Business Model / Entity Type

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DCIO Firms

• Increased assets under management
• Ability to focus on the cash balance market
• Potential for custom product creation
• New investors using your funds
• Good supplement to your 401(k) assets with proprietary funds

Slide 2

• Increased top-line revenue growth
• Powerful sales tool
• Additional assets capture
• White label capability
• Increased value of TPA for clients
• Adds expanded layer of service to clients
• May offload actuarial work but still offer the service

Slide 3
Institutions / Record-Keepers

• White label capability
• New high-net-worth client sales conversion tool
• 401k dollars are sticky (retained assets)
• Can charge a premium to manage 401k assets
• Powerful prospecting and client retention tool
• Cross sell opportunity Banks

Slide 4

• Increased assets under management
• Retirement clients can become potential commercial clients
• Increased client retention
• 401(k) rollovers
• Referrals and expanded word-of-mouth
• Cross sell opportunity

Slide 5
Broker Dealers / Financial Advisors

• Differentiator in the marketplace
• Tax planning tool for high-net-worth individuals
• Increased revenue and growth of book of business
• Can charge a premium to manage assets
• New high-net-worth client sales conversion tool
• Great resource for Advisors to leverage and attract CPA partnerships
• Stickier client relationships
• Cross sell opportunity

Slide 6

• White label capability
• Additive business and billing hours outside of traditional tax season
• Increased value of CPA for clients
• Adds expanded layer of service to clients
• Differentiator for CPAs in the marketplace who can now become qualified plan experts
• CPAs mostly default to SEP IRAs, as they don’t have an understanding of qualified plans

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