How to Register with Assure

Welcome to WealthPRIME® Alternatives. For the first time, all Accredited Investors will have access to investments that have been exclusively reserved for the super wealthy. WealthPRIME® Alternatives has democratized these investments for all!

At WealthPRIME®, we utilize the Assure platform in order to:
– ensure encrypted, safe transactions for your money,
– provide access to a dashboard of the status of your investments, and
– safe-guard your information and protect your privacy.

We will never sell your information to others.

In order to access these investments, you willl need to register on the Assure platform. If you have questions at any time, a WealthPRIME® Advisor can help you craft the perfect strategies to mitigate your tax liability, without a traditional advisor. Build it today with WealthPRIME® Alternatives.


You will need to select “Register”. Please ignore the pop-up to register for the MasterClass.


Create a username with email and password, then accept terms of use of Assure.


You will select the Carbon and Conservation Easement listing


You will now be able to select the amount of investment, profile, bank information, and sign the documents to fund the share of the conservation easement