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WealthPRIME RetireWELL Solutions will expedite the client conversion process by delivering clear retirement plan illustrations at the click of a mouse. Waiting weeks  to receive a lackluster and confusing illustration is a thing of the past.

Start using a proven and efficient tool that doesn’t monopolize your time and drain money needlessly from your marketing and sales budget. It’s time for RetireWELL.

3 Steps to Delivering Real Financial Solutions to Your Clients

Identify Your Client’s Pain Points

Before you’re able to effectively qualify a client, you first need to ask the right questions. Do they want tax relief, to contribute more towards their retirement than  401(k) limits, retire in the next five years, accumulate wealth, or serve valued  partners and employees? Once you understand this, you’ll be able to offer a  retirement plan design that can help them reach their goals. With the emergence of the cash balance plan, often not well understood, there’s an opportunity for you to  educate investors, business owners, and plan sponsors on how these plans, in combination with other retirement savings vehicles, can solve their financial problems.

Upload Your Client Census

RetireWELL allows you to upload a retirement plan census quickly and easily in just a few steps. It generates an illustration customized for your client’s unique scenario and estimates contribution amounts relative to employees and shows accumulated retirement balances over the course of 5, 10, and 15 years relative to employees.

Email Your Clients a Roadmap to their Secure Financial Future

In less than 60 seconds, you can give your clients a tangible and accurate wealth-building roadmap. Get ready to show clients a detailed pros and cons comparison of a SEP IRA, 401(k) with Profit sharing plan, and cash balance plan, relative to their financial profile.

How RetireWELL is Different

Within Minutes, Not Weeks

RetireWELL brings the financial services industry into the digital age with revolutionary software and technology that streamlines the retirement plan sales process.

Allows for Customization

RetireWELL includes specific demographic and financial information beyond age and salary, giving clients a way to see an outcome that is completely unique to them.

Forecasts Accumulated Assets and Tax Deductions

Show your clients a tangible and real projection of both tax savings and wealth creation, along with what their Estimated Time to a Million™ dollars in accumulated assets will be.

Reduces Cumbersome Selling

When selling complex products like retirement and cash balance plans, you want to avoid confusing clients. RetireWELL offers easy-to-understand sales tools along with video explanations for clients along the way.

Fill Pipeline and Convert Clients Fast

How would it feel to offer business owners an easy-to-understand and highly customized financial solution that helps clients build wealth, lower taxes, and offer retirement plan benefits to employees on a shorter timeline? And this is not your “ordinary” report. It also contains video tutorials for clients throughout!

Features to Help You Sell More Retirement Plans

Custom Advisor Dashboard

Your dashboard is a central hub that houses all of your client data and shows your number of retirement plans, total plan assets, and report listing at a glance.

Unlimited Access

Inside your portal, you may run an unlimited number of reports with edit functionality that allows you to manually change data as needed.

Easy Census Upload

Census is a critical component to any retirement plan prospecting illustration. RetireWELL makes downloading a census template and uploading census easy and fast.

Sharable Client Report and Link

We understand that during the discovery phase, census or employee data may need to change and you, as the advisor, may not always have information handy. You’re able to share a report link with your client and they can make changes directly to employee census in real time!

Prospecting Library

Access a full suite of prospecting and sales tools to grow your retirement practice with scripts, sales letters, videos, and more.

Email Campaigns

Want to email your reports? RetireWELL contains a feature that allows you to send the report directly to your clients and prospects by simply entering their name and email address. The software will handle the rest.

Sales Training

Learn from cash balance and retirement plan experts through exclusive training webinars and in-person events.

Bonus Reports

We’ve recently added two new reports to help you better demonstrate retirement options to you clients. Not all clients may want a cash balance plan, so you have access to a report that compares a SEP IRA to a 401(k) plan only.

Call Center Support

If you ever have technical questions, get stuck on a feature, or even want help positioning a retirement solution, our call center is staffed with experts to help.

WealthPRIME is just what I’ve been looking for. As an advisor, it’s time-consuming to issue proposals and keep track of leads in an easy way. This dashboard shows my commission and revenue opportunities at a glance, manages my book of leads, and tally’s my lead conversions. I no longer need to wait to receive illustrations from recordkeepers. If I’m jumping on a flight or running short on time, this system can even send out proposals to my clients on my behalf and copies me! This is the way of the future for managing your book of business and growing AUM. I didn’t think it was possible, but WealthPRIME makes me look even better to my clients and prospects.
Stephen H. Grochol
Advisor, SGC Financial & Insurance Services

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